Catalina Island Hotels

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Catalina Hotels is an array of small to medium size hotels on Catalina Island, many of them have a boutique quality.  Please click on the pictures and text to explore their websites.

Glenmore Plaza Hotel  on Catalina Hotels

Glenmore Plaza Hotel

Seaport Village Inn  on Catalina Hotels

Seaport Village Inn

Catalina Island Inn  on Catalina Hotels

Catalina Island Inn

The Avalon Hotel  on Catalina Hotels

The Avalon Hotel
(310) 510-7070

Snug Harbor Inn  on Catalina Hotels

Snug Harbor Inn
(888) 394-7684
(310) 510-8400

Hotel Catalina on Catalina Hotels

Hotel Catalina
& Courtyard Garden Suites
1-800 540-0184
310 510-0027

Hotel Vista Del Mar on Catalina Hotels

Hotel Vista Del Mar
(800) 601-3836
(310) 510-1452

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Aurora Hotel and Spa  
(310) 510-0454

 Catalina Canyon  Resort & Spa    on Catalina Hotels

Catalina Canyon Resort & Spa
(888) 478-7829
(310) 510-0325

Catalina Island Hotel Mac Rae  on Catalina Hotels

Hotel Mac Rae
(800) 698-2266
(310) 510-0246

Hotel St. Lauren on Catalina Hotels

Hotel St. Lauren

Hotel Villa Portofino   on Catalina Hotels

Hotel Villa Portofino
(888) 510-0555   
(310) 510-0555 

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