Catalina Hotels

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Catalina Hotels is an array of Catalina island Hotels of small to medium size, many of them have a boutique quality. 
Please click on the pictures and text to explore their websites. Most Catalina Hotels have on-line booking

Glenmore Plaza Catalina Hotel

Glenmore Plaza Hotel

Seaport Village Inn  on Catalina Hotels

Seaport Village Inn

Catalina Island Inn  a  Catalina Hotels

Catalina Island Inn

The Avalon Hotel  on Catalina Hotels

The Avalon Hotel
(310) 510-7070

Snug Harbor Inn  on Catalina Hotels

Snug Harbor Inn
(888) 394-7684
(310) 510-8400

Hotel Catalina on Catalina Hotels

Hotel Catalina
& Courtyard Garden Suites
1-800 540-0184
310 510-0027

Hotel Vista Del Mar on Catalina Hotels

Hotel Vista Del Mar
(800) 601-3836
(310) 510-1452

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Aurora Hotel and Spa  
(310) 510-0454

 Catalina Canyon  Resort & Spa    on Catalina Hotels

Catalina Canyon Resort & Spa
(888) 478-7829
(310) 510-0325

Catalina Island Hotel Mac Rae  on Catalina Hotels

Hotel Mac Rae
(800) 698-2266
(310) 510-0246

Hotel St. Lauren on Catalina Hotels

Hotel St. Lauren

Hotel Villa Portofino   on Catalina Hotels

Hotel Villa Portofino
(888) 510-0555   
(310) 510-0555 

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